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    I'm looking for more information on images the Watchtower Society has stolen from other sources and used in their publications. I've done a google image search and found a few.

    I'm also looking for images relating to Rutherford's published claims that Russell was still running the Watchtower society from beyond the grave.

    Any ideas on how I can find these things? Google search images isn't all that reliable. I only found a few examples so far.

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    When you say "images" are you referring to pictures exclusively or written documentation?

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    Duane Magnani at this site is a good source of old Watchtower materials (used to show how the Society has to update the NWT to rid it of things like the actual deity of Jesus and how he is Jehovah).

    Peter Barnes (if he is still with us) is a very willing source to help (a former circuit overseer in England for decades now living if still with us in California). He was in his 70's in the mid 1990's when we protested the JW Convention in San Diego... and I have been a guest in his home twice. I hadn't realized till now it had been that many years ago...

    Do a Google of Peter Barnes watchtower... Jehovah's Witnesses and many of his books will come up and contributions to others ministries...

    Tried searching for his old ministry ***le Equippers and found something in England which may or may not have had something to do with him... I am sure he's probably home with the Lord by several years now.

    This is all I could find on him to date (although it implies it has not been updated since 1997)???

    Correction, this is the more recent update about his p***ing in 2012.

    Your best bet would probably be Duane Magnani's site.

    Update... these things may not be exactly what you are looking for but they might get you into the right path connections...

    I simply forgot how much time has p***ed that these pathways are so old or out of date (Barnes / Magnani etc). We need more of these kinds of ministers and Walter Martin of course. Interesting all three are audio recorded at the last site I cited above.
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    Actually, I'm talking about artwork they lifted' and published in their books and magazines.

    I saw one of a Johny Walker Red liquor ad that was altered slightly and used on the cover of a Watchtower magazine.

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    Thanks for share…

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