I never understood why people prayed for things. To me it makes more sense to go out and actually do something constructive towards achieving your goals rather prayer from some supernatural being to do it for you. I have heard countless stories of kids getting sick with diseases that could easily be cured by doctors, but the parents decide to try and use prayer instead. The result? Their children die. All the parents had to do was take their kid to a doctor, but no, they would rather put there trust in some god. The whole thing just seems pathetic to me.

If you are going to pray to God; why not pray to a bottle of glue as well? Isn't it just as effective? If I were to pray and pray to a bottle of glue for some money, and by some stroke of luck I recieve a check in the mail for $20; did the bottle of glue do it? Did my prayer to this bottle actually result in me getting that money? "Surely not" you would say,"It is just a coincidence." How is praying to God any different?

***uming there is a god, with all these people praying for different things is it really worth the effort? It seems that the amount of compe***ion would make it useless to even try.