Although I agree with the essentials of Trinitarianism, I have always been offended with the thought that man can explain things better than God. Allow me to try to unpack what has been bothering me forever:

I believe 100 percent that Scripture, as embraced by Protestantism, is the authoritative, inspired, and inerrant Word of God. So, if I really, really believe that, why would I use terminology that God doesn't use to, in theory, express what is written in the Word of God? To me, it is like saying, "God, you didn't do your ***! We, as humans, need to develop our own terms to express to the world what we really believe!" Yes, I know the argument that says that that people use Bible terms in different ways, so we must clearly show what we mean by those terms. hmmmmm... Is God that dumb? What I mean is this - God wrote EXACTLY what He decided to write using the exact terms, etc... that He desired to use. What is wrong with simply using HIS Words to express HIS truth? I have come to believe that calling God anything else but what He calls Himself is offensive. If God wanted to be called Trinity, don't you think that He would have stated it? Do we really believe that God wrote the Bible, and placed in it EXACTLY what He desired for us to know? Hey, if I am that out of whack here, share with me your thoughts. However, I really, really believe that if I never use the word Trinity in referring to God, God will never be offended!

The above is not a very well thought out summary, but it may get a dialog moving along.