my basic idea that i talk about on the 1st page of this topic is that the Bible has a type of commonidea to it about man's ability to get along with others.......we can't.

We cant get along with each other.....
Cant in the future
Cant now.
Could not in the past.

Now, the more liberal of us might try to say that it was just a few bad men that caused all the trouble in our history, and that if we just had a bunch of "good men" around to run things better, then we would not see all this fighting.

But I totally disagree with that idea.

The bible teaches us that not only will men always disagree with each other, regardless of how closely they might hold to their understandings on things like "who is god", and "What is right and wrong"

In fact....the Bible gives us a few stories of when all the world was just down to two people, or just one single family, and even then you see the same type of trouble and anger, and hate , and suffering by the hand of another as we have seen in every other generation in history.