Actually, as far as moral teachings are concerned, democratic societies determine laws based on the will of competing values. Hence, while your idea of a compromise is to live and let live, the moral fabric of the family is threatened by lasciviousness and what the Church considers free license for all sorts of vices. Hence, there are some who want to impose taxes on soda drinks because they feel it increases gluttony and health problems ***ociated with it; there are some who want to restrict and put limits on how car companies are making vehicles and so hope to manipulate the behavior of citizens to reduce our reliance and dependence on oil. Granted, many of these things are considered noble--but it is the same thing in regards to a competing moral value. You want civil rights extended to ****sexual couples so that they are allowed to marry in all states and not just in those which by individual states permit. I think such allowances are dangerous to the fabric of society, our greatest ***et is our citizens, and citizens are created through heterosexual reproduction. I find your moral position to be part and parcel of all our human depravity and it is intrinsically disordered.

Hence, my grouse with you is that you want to limit the freedom of Catholic speech on morality on the political stage. You have stated so much in the following quote:

There's no contradiction between a politician personally choosing to live according to Catholic values and refraining from imposing those values on (a largely non-Catholic) cons***uency.
There is a contradiction, because by refraining to present their Catholic morality (as opposed to doctrine, like nobody is forcing you to believe in the Incarnation of Christ nor the Trinity), the basis of creating a desirable society rests in the moral boundaries set by the free will of its people and represented in kind. Hence, we see people like Confusius dictating the moral framework of its leaders in creating a more peaceful society. Morals have to be understood, then enforced. What good is it when law makers set the limit for BAC to .08 as a means of preventing vehiclar ****side by drunk drivers if every law enforcement did not enforce it and just let every case slide? So I feel your immoral position endorses a dangerous slippery slope at undermining family values. If I allow your idea of a compromise, then while I may not be endorsing it personally, I am condoning it by inaction. It is like for me no difference than being an accessory to the crime.