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Thread: God as Spirit or flesh and bone

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    Quote Originally Posted by BigJulie View Post
    test test test test

    some stuff is working I guess.
    test test test

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    we had to change a few things dealing with the server or something like that..

    It's still not acting correct when we try to use the respond with a quote thingy..

    But it finally better at getting registered more quickly!!!

    This should allow new members to come here the first time, and get going faster.

    The conformation email sent to your email address now take just a few moment.

    it used to take up to a week!
    Thats killed the number of people posting,,and killed the number of new people joining.

    Im not sure if the auto-cencer is still turned up too high?...

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    Now Julie....back to our topic-

    (Oh and thanks for telling me about the issues the site still has posting. They are a pain but the ability of new members to now register is faster, so that should help topics get going faster now as people that just drop by can join the action a lot faster than they used to be able)

    Now, Julie, I read your attempt to quote someone,,if it was me, and if that is something I wrote, then I misspelled the word "now" and it came out as "nor".

    I use the word "nor" a lot when I post here...I like the word it seems...
    But perhaps too much as it might have replaced the word "now" in this case??? is what I would have wanted to say

    In their divinity, the Son, the Spirit and the Father are all equal in nature, for their nature is the one true God.

    One of the persons of the Trinity is not more "god" that the others.
    all the persons of the Trinity are always equal in their divine nature

    And this is why Jesus can say, "I and my Father are one and the same" for they are the same in their nature as God.

    So the Father is God, the Son is God, and the Spirit is God, yet there are not 3 gods, but only the one true God.
    And God cant die.

    Thats key to understanding the story of Jesus, that we keep in mind that in their eternal divine nature God cant die...
    the Father cant die, the Son cant die, the Spirit cant die.

    But because the Father wanted the Son to die for the sins of men so that men could be forgiven when they believe, the Father sent the Son into the world as a man.

    So Jesus was given a 2nd nature as being human.

    Jesus never stopped being God, so that means Jesus never stopped being totally equal to the Father in his nature as God.
    Yet Jesus also has a 2nd nature now as a human like us, and that means that when considering this 2nd human nature Jesus is like us, and so is lower than the angels.

    The 2nd nature could die.
    This 2nd nature could be very stone cold dead.
    This 2nd nature could be resurrected.

    So this allowed Jesus to be able to pray to his God, for in his human nature he had to pray to the Father just like all other humans.
    Yet Jesus was also God in his divine nature as well.

    So now Jesus who is eternal God and who in his divine nature cant die, yet now in his 2nd human nature could and did die.

    And when he was dead, The Son's divine nature raised his human nature from the grave.
    and the Father raised the Son
    and the Spirit raised the Son.

    So all 3 members of the Trinity raised the human nature of the Son from the grave.
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    Quote Originally Posted by alanmolstad View Post
    so this is why Jesus could say,

    "For I and my Father are One and the same!"

    Could anyone give us a scriptural cite where Jesus made the claim--"For I and my Father are One and the same!"

    Jesus certainly made the claim the "one God" of the biblical text was His God and Father, but nothing as to the same "one God."

    John 20:17 King James Version (KJV)
    17 Jesus saith unto her, Touch me not; for I am not yet ascended to my Father: but go to my brethren, and say unto them, I ascend unto my Father, and your Father; and to my God, and your God.

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    You do realize that Im quoting the movie right?
    (see post 448)

    The phrase appears at the time in the movie when Jesus is rebuking the Jewish leadership.
    While this is just a movie, it actually is based on a real story of the Bible and I will post a link where you can dig into the text that deals with the same topic
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    One of the key things to correctly understand the way Jesus used the phrase is to see the reaction Jesus would get.
    He was seen to be calling himself "equal with God"

    and they wanted to kill him for that.

    So its not just talking about being united as one in agreement.

    Or in purpose

    Or in organization.

    That would not have gotten the reaction that Jesus got...for even the Old Testament prophets had stated as much.
    No, rather when Jesus spoke this it was aimed at teaching us that there is no difference in his nature with the Father.

    This was a rather shocking thing for Jews to hear...a man making the claim to be equal in nature with Almighty God!

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