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    Hi, I have read all the canons of the councils within the first thousand years of the Church. I thought I would share some of my notes dealing with the occult.

    Canon 36 of the Council of Laodicea states:

    That members of the Sacerdocy and Clerics must not be magicians or enchanters, or mathematicians (i.e., numerologists), or astrologers, or make what are called amulets, which are shackles for their souls; accordingly, we have bidden those wearing these things to be thrown out of the Church.

    Saint Basil's canon 65 states: As for anyone practicing incantation or sorcery, he shall be allotted the time of a murderer, it being proportioned to him in such a manner as though he had convicted himself of each sin for a year.

    St. Basil's canon 72 states: Anyone who places himself in the hands of fortune-tellers or any other such persons professing to foresee future events or to discover the whereabouts of lost property, of persons in hiding, etc., he shall be sentenced to the same penalty as is prescribed for murderers and shall do the same length of time and the same penances.
    (c. LXI of the 6th.).

    St. Gregory of Nyssa's canon 3 discusses those who go to sorcerers or soothsayers.

    St. John the Faster's canon 32 deals with people professing enchantery or sorcery.

    Canon 61 of the Council of Trullo deals with people who consult soothsayers, fortune tellers, enchanters and amuletics.

    Canon 24 of the council of Ancyra states: As for those who are practicing divination and continuing the customs of the heathen, and who are introducing persons into their homes with a view to discovering sorceries, or even with a view to purification, let them fall under the Canon of five years in accordance with the fixed degrees; three years of kneeling, and two years of prayer, without oblation.

    Canon 92 of the Regional Council of Carthage states: . It has pleased the Council to decree that a request be presented to the most glorious Emperors in order to have the remains of idolatry, not only as regards those embodied in images of idols, but also those in any kind of places, whether groves or trees, by all means wiped out.(c. LXVII of Carthage.).

    I hope this information will ***ist you in your apologetics against paganism.

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    St. Ephraim the Syrian:

    "Regard not spells and divinations, for that is communion with Satan."( Homily on Admonition and Repentance).

    St. Cyril of Jerusalem:

    "Also give heed neither to observations of the stars nor auguries, nor omens, nor to the fabulous divinations of the Greeks. Witchcraft, and enchantment, and the wicked practices of necromancy, admit not even to a hearing."

    "The watching of birds, divination, omens, or amulets, or charms written on leaves, sorceries, or other evil arts, and all such things, are services of the devil; therefore shun them." (St. Cyril, Catechetical Lectures).

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    This is a really interesting find.
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