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Thread: Living life by design a cult?

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    Default Living life by design a cult?

    Help! There is a ministry called Living Life by Design run by a Dr Barry Lenhardt and Dr Tina Hay. They claim to help people to repent of dead works but they are teaching some wild doctrine..throw the bible out, Paul's ceiling is your floor, anything against what they preach is judgement and religion. Dr Barry is also the pastor of International Life Center in Clackamas, OR. Can anyone tell me about this ministry?
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    Um, I doubt anyone will look here for your post, Jennafer.

    There are many many unorthodox hucksters all around the landscape... I've personally not heard of the one you cite...

    you said "help!"

    So I can only ask what is the emergency?

    Is it a loved one buying into their drivel???

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    If it's this?...

    Then it seems like something only people with way too much money would **** it on....

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    Elizabeth Forlonge


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    I am so glad you have asked this question. I know this post has been looked at by many. Yes, they are 100% a cult. And I know because I was apart of it. The teach false doctrine, and talk about a "new gospel". They have a cl*** called the modules. Before this cl*** you send them your top significant events in your life. They then feed off of this to bring you "new power". They have seperated many families and hurt several churches. One of the members actually said churches are only for new Christians. You should outgrow the church. Please be warned. I spend way too much money and have been blinded by their teachings. Infact at one event that opened my eyes, their mentor Bob Cathers called himself and everyone else MINI GODS. That is NOT okay! If you or a loved one is involved in LLBD please feel free to talk with me. Luckily, Jesus has once again saved me.

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