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Thread: any ? for me today?

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    Default any ? for me today?

    Sometimes I just need to be asked a few questions to start the ball rolling....

    Got any?

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    The other day i was reading a post that some guest had addressed to me, and there came up the subject of videos that are linked to.

    The reason for this is simple:
    Videos work.

    Videos tend to allow people that are interested in learning about the truth about the Mormon's the chance to do so in private.
    We know from looking at the number of guests to this and other website like this one that a lot of current Mormons do visit all the time to see "whats new?"

    The ability to drop in and have a quick look at a video that address a concern the Mormon may have is one of the main reasons forum sites like this one do play an important part in Christian outreach to the CULTS.

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