Laugh out loud; laughter can bring great wonders humor therapy is the best example of how a laugh can make wonders happen in life. To put in simple words, humor therapy is an effective way of healing pain and stress, emotional as well as physical, using humor. It is a risk-free alternative method of dealing with illness, stress and pain. Moreover, it improves the quality of mind and in turn confidence in life.
A good laugh would give you the power to cope up will serious illness like cancer, diabetes etc. Watching a comedy movie or shows, reading a humorous book, sharing humorous life experiences etc would induce laughter. It encourages stress relaxation and alleviates physical pain. A relaxed mind would make the patient feel good about him and the situation, which would help him to cop up with the illness.
Do you know about the physical changes when you laugh for some time? The body takes more oxygen, increased heart rate, enhanced production of stress releasing hormones and antibodies, lowered blood pressure etc to mention a few. It enhances circulatory system as well as immune system of the body. A heartfelt laughter is good for your heart too.
In short, the power of laughter is immense but sometimes neglected in most of our lives. In fact, it is a safe and cheaper way of handling difficult times of life. Take the power of smile and laugh into your daily life and stay always healthy, both physically and mentally.