Any ***ault on Roman Catholicism is deserved. It is a religion of man with a Christian label pasted on it. Constantine was only interested in preserving his empire (which was crumbling to the point a second capital city had to be established: Constantinople). He and mummy laid the groundwork for the religion the Roman Empire would morph into the Catholic Church. Emperor/Pope... Senate/Cardinals... Regional Governors/Bishops on down. And, hey, it's still capitaled in Rome... what a coincidence! Christianity was hijacked because of its cohesiveness. The fierce loyalty and devotion that no king or kingdom empire or emperor had ever or would ever get from its people. The prophecies of a revival of the Holy Roman Empire are myths. It never left. It's called the Roman Catholic Church.

Understand I personally believe there are people in the RCC that believe in the true doctrines about Jesus that the RCC could not snuff out and call itself Christian. And that despite the RCC there are saved people within. A statement I will make about Protestant Denominations and Messianic Judaism as well. It's the traditions of men that dress up as Church tradition or doctrine that's the problem with them all.

Now with regard to over sensitivity regarding the Jews / Judaism...

If any take exception to what I have written about the Jews (especially in future prophecy) they do not know their Bible as well as they think they do and they misunderstand what the Jewish people are.

1. The Jewish people are the one people through whom God brought forth Truth into the world
1a. the written truth the Bible
1b. the living Truth the Messiah Jesus

2. The Jewish people are also the people through which the battle between God and evil are fought.
2a. this was true with the Old Covenant in the time of Christ
2b. this will be true with round 2 in the New Covenant in the end of the age

Jewish people are the center of the stage of this world where the battle takes place.

This is not about ***essing blame as the antisemites do... it is about Biblical truth derived from scripture.

True Messiah versus false messiah (who claims to be true) has to be Jewish.

Don't be fooled by the Greek term antichrist for the Hebrew false messiah.

The true dual of the fates is an in house war in Judaism.