Here are the rules.
Violating these will get your account suspended. The following counts as unacceptable behavior on this board:

  1. Disrespectful references to God, Jesus Christ, and the Holy Spirit as defined by biblical and historic Christianity;
    Foul language: cursing, swearing, taking the Lord's name in vain.
  2. Personal character attacks on board members.
  3. Posting of indecent material, text or images.
  4. Multiple usernames. One username per poster.
  5. Misrepresenting yourself as someone else on the board.
  6. Filling up the board with large amounts of pasted material (this includes large pictures).
  7. Posting the same message on multiple boards.
  8. Posting material on behalf of someone who has been banned.
Prior to being banned you will receive ONE warning, unless the offense is grievous in my opinion, then you will be banned immediately.

Additional Rules: Please do not refer to a member by any name other than his or her username. Mocking someone's ideas or beliefs is baiting. Pejorative terms like "liar" or "lying" in reference to other members will be considered personal attacks.

Historical individuals may be categorized as liars as long as primary source citations are used. All quotations must include the complete citation. This is a copyright issue. Do not start threads aimed at a specific board member. Your signature should not include any insulting comments made either by you or another board member, and do not carry over arguments from other boards to the WM Board.

Once banned, you will not be allowed back on the board for a minimum of two weeks.

Any rudeness to the moderator will result in an immediate ban of one week (or more).
You may argue your case respectfully in an email.

If you cannot agree to keep the above rules, please do not enter the board.

Thank you.

(Rules updated 4/07/12)