a story:

One time some members of a CULT came to my door.
We talked for a bit, but I was busy working on my car at the time, so I invited them back next week.

For the rest of that week I planned what i would do during the meeting I had with them.
I had it all worked out what i would say and when I would say it.
I practiced speaking, I worked on the way I said things.
I also made sure that I always had some way to back-up what I had said, so before the people left my house I handed them a few photocopies of things i had listed about their church.

The meeting went....so-so.

It's not like I felt there was a chance of getting them out of a CULT they had been part of for most of their lives.
But I never felt i had gotten anywhere with them.

we agreed to meet again in a week.

The next time I had worked even harder at the things I wanted to tell them.
I had a long talk all memorized.
I had spent hours and hours reading parts of the bible that I wanted to share.
I felt I had a very strong case that their church was false.

but once again the meeting ended with a bit of a let down.

We agreed to meet, but this time I went to the home of one of their Higher ranks in their church to meet them.

I worked very hard for the whole week getting ready.
I knew a lot more now about their church history and of the sick lives of the men who started the CULT.
I was ready!

But once again the meeting ended with a let down....and it was the last meeting too as we both had said what we wanted to say.

I did not see the people for about a year.

Then.....one day......

My wife and I are at church and we are in the entryway watching the people go in and out the doors and getting ready to go, when I suddenly see the same members of the CULT I had been meeting with!
There.....in my church!

So i went up and said "hello" and we talked.
It turns out that they had now been baptized in our church and were going to the "new member" cl*** to become full members.

I felt a bit proud that I had helped save these people.
then i asked him what, of all the things i had said, was the thing that convinced them that i was right?

their answer was a bit of a let-down.

It turns out that nothing I said mattered one bit.
they were not convinced at all by anything I had said, regardless of all the work i had put into my presentations.

What was it that finally reached them?

The paperwork i handed them.
All them little photocopies that I handed out at the door as they left, turned out to be the key.

I was stunned to learn this!

i was so stunned because i had not really put that much work into getting the photocopies.
All i really had done is hit "PRINT" a few times before each of our meetings.

Compare that to the hours and hours I had spent in working out just what to say to them, and building a great bible lesson for them to take...all that was a moot point it seems.

So.....I thought I was a great messenger, bringing the truth to the Lost....But it turns out God just wanted me to hit "PRINT"

and....that is why Im never upset that when I talk to someone who is lost here on this message forum and they argue against what im saying and I never see them convinced by my words, that it's ok...Im not going to be let-down by my clearly being a failure at converting people....

.because God likely just wanted me to post a link