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    I am reading the Kingdom of the Occult, and like it very much. It is a tremendous blessing, and I thank the authors for their diligent research and contribution to this field of knowledge and apologetical information. But I don't agree with everything. For example, the claim that the weeping icon in New York is demonic.
    I have some knowledge about Harry Potter that may ***ist your ministry to occultists.


    The Pagan Federation of England said that Potter's fame has given credibility to the religion of witchcraft, attracting thousands of enquirers.

    Witchcraft is the fastest growing religion among teenagers.

    Co-authors of Harry Potter and the Global Child explain the dangers of desensitizing children to the dangers of the occult and pagan philosophy taught in Harry Potter's Hogwarts school of Witchcraft.

    Bill Schnoebelen, a former Mason, said children are being desensitized to the weirdness quotient. He calls it Witchcraft 101.

    Almost 50 percent of teens polled have seen the first Harry Potter movie or read the books. Out of the teens polled, 53 percent are between the ages of 13 and 14. 12 percent of those exposed to Potter said they were interested in Witchcraft. Of those 12 percent, 4 percent said they were a lot more interested in Witchcraft. 8 percent were a little more interested as a result of one of the books or movie. Even though this accounts for a small amount of teenagers, it's still about 5 percent of all U.S. teens. More than a million students say that they were more interested in witchcraft as a result of Harry Potter.

    (Source: video "The Gods Of Entertainment" -- Caryl Matrisciana). If you see this video, use caution because some ungodly images are used.

    "The old dread and fear of the serpent is being subtly removed from our culture" --Caryl Matriciana.

    Several articles about Harry Potter on Marcia Montenegro's website.

    A book by Richard Abanes.

    A book by Michael O'Brien.

    An overview of Harry Potter.

    Montenegro has an article on each Harry Potter book (except book 6, which she wrote about briefly in her article on book 7) and an article on each Harry Potter movie. Go to this page and look under Book Evaluations for the articles on the books and under Movie Evaluations for the movie articles.

    Another piece of important information. Llewellyn publishers supply more books in America on the Occult, than any other publisher. Their sales have increased since Harry Potter was published.

    Potter is nothing other than subtle initiation into the realm of the Occult and the Kingdom of darkness.
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