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Thread: Calvin- Luther

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    Reminded me a little of Jean Chauvin or how ever you spell it.

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    I hope when new people join the forum they give us a little background on what they believe and why they are here, so everyone knows where they're coming from and knows there motives for being on the forum.

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    Learning to play by the rules. ...being in a good mood...showing respect. ...All helpful here...manners matter. ..

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    Quote Originally Posted by Christodoulos View Post
    Those who helped to usher in the Protestant reformation may have been well intentioned but history proves that the final results of their works have been a disaster for the Christian Faith in general.

    Had Luther simply worked to reform the Catholic Church and had he worked as diligently to expose the corruption and the false teachings of this behemoth of an organization ,he would've done a prodigious work.

    The problem with Luther was that in the beginning he was on a good course but overtime he became as corrupted and power hungry as any of the most corrupted popes in history,

    All this aside, the biggest fallacy Luther can be blamed for ,is the sola scritura or scripture only idea.

    This one precept is responsible for the thousands of divisions existing in Christendom and has weakened the church and everything it stands for.
    And has also allowed six day creationists to trick and deceive millions.
    I dont think you really understand the true history of how Luther really did try, , and try very hard, to change the Catholic church from within.

    At the beginning Luther had no idea that it would lead to a split within the church.

    But as time went along, what became clear is that the Catholic church was so taken over by bad leadership, and that the grab for more money to pay for building programs by the Catholic church had started to interfere with teachings, that there needed to be someone to stand up and say "Thats enough"

    If you read the list of things that Luther nailed to the church door, you find that most all of the things were talking about the manner the Catholic church was getting money from people.
    Very little was about doctrine.

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    What people tend to forget is that neither Calvin or Luther wrote inspired words from God. They did not have new revelations and their words do not trump God's.
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