What folly we have today with how far the world looks upon a Christian. It will go out of it’s way to paint the Christian in the poorest light possible if somehow possible extract out of us something other than sinners saved without merit. As if this were designed to increase some damaging effect upon us. Yet the message stands firm, God’s saving grace is free for all who call upon Jesus.

Yet so much time and energy spent in the same modern-day formula to exploit whatever possible in the convert’s life to snatch away a logical outcome. I suppose I now understand this seeing just how bright this light of the gospel is capable to blind.

But the gift of God endures which is eternal life. It is not only for the taking, but something we can find ***urance of, everyone, who call upon Him, Jesus!

So when the world says, “Hey Christian, you’re not good enough”, just tell them, you’re right.