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Thread: Again - NO U.S. Terrorists!

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    Default Again - NO U.S. Terrorists!

    I couldn't think of a more successful team to lead this fight!

    Refusing U.S. Terrorists

    National Security
    ACLJ urging Congress to keep American Terrorists from Returning
    Chad Groening - Friday, January 16, 2015

    A law firm that defends religious freedom wants Congress to take action to ensure the U.S. homeland is protected from the kind of Islamic terrorist attacks that took place in France.

    The American Center for Law & Justice is calling on Congress to p*** legislation that's designed to protect the homeland from radical Islamist terrorists. The law would prevent U.S. citizens, who leave this country to take up arms with jihadists against America, from returning.

    Sekulow, Jordan (ACLJ)Jordan Sekulow, executive director of the ACLJ, says it was apparent that the French jihadists had the ability to move freely in and out of France. To prevent that in the U.S., he says, Congress must take steps to prevent that kind of mobility for American-born terrorists.

    The attorney explains: "...

    [T]he provisions that allow for the U.S. government to strip someone of their U.S. citizenship and take away someone's p***port - [make it clear that] in both of those instances ... when it comes to citizenship, the way the current law stands, that can of course be done. And the law already exists if you are a soldier in a foreign military."

    He says the ACLJ has launched a national pe***ion with more than 115,000 people urging Congress to take action

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