Providing you have already fulfilled the first and second “joy”, the joy of your salvation, I strongly recommend you commit to the second joy with heart and expectation of mind even if it seems like at first an exercise in futility?

When someone mentions the advice for devotional reading, we naturally want to ask what is it I am being whisked in to?

I gave up devotional-reading back in the 70’s, for as you know Paul would have us to know the “power” on more than one occasion, and sometimes as you also know it’s the works, not always the words that deny. This is a reasonable concern.

From the joy of my salvation, to the joy of my altar, spanned a very long time. It was in that time I made my attempt at devotional reading. It was a welcomed endeavor, but through common problems of life or stagnation, I became disinterested and either or both must have prevented my soul from its increase.

It wasn't until years later a touring evangelist in Oklahoma gave the word of the Spirit that went deep. It was time to set up that “closet” (Matthew 6:6) altar. It was from that point that accompanying growth thereafter could be experienced.

Since then, I have only contemplated DR, but, such things (within “sound doctrine”) to reward the soul I now think would be in the same hidden venue – of and because of the altar. I think DR should be given ample chance. Just as unto the Lord.

Here is one internet Chaplain’s favorite:

None But the Hungry Heart