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    Is it is easy for three Person /One God believers to understand how God in Christ believers view the Godhead (and the distinction between the Father and the Son)The best way is for them to try to grasp how they contend that their “God the Son” and Jesus Christ (the Man) are viewed as one person instead of two. It is then but a simple step for them to realize that he or she are viewing the Incarnation incorrectly—as the divine Son in a human Son, instead of the divine Father incarnated in the human Son. Those three Person believers that admit that the God of the Apostle Paul (who was a Hebrew Christian)is the same God of Abraham (who was the first Hebrew) is not far from being God in Christ believers.
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    I found it hard to read the above post and really understand the point???

    But I think the person was talking about how Jesus has two natures.
    Jesus is fully God Almighty, and fully man.

    Jesus is not the father....

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