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    Is anyone familiar with Jin Shin Jyutsu? What is your thought on it? One of my family members is becoming involved with it.

    For those who have not heard of it, Jin Shin Jyutsu is an ancient Japanese practice that balances one's body's energy by using hands and fingers to reduce or eliminate stress, relieve pain, help create emotional equilibrium, etc. Focus on the energy pathways in one's body, and there are 26 sites in one's body where energy is concentrated.
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    Nope. However, it seems Jin has many meanings. If I knew the kanji, I might look it up in another dictionary that finds it by stroke count. Without knowing the kanji, I can only speculate as to what each means. As is, a few of the possible meanings is as follows:

    perfect virtue; benevolence; charity.
    battle formation; a camp; an encampment; a position;take up a position.

    a heart; a mind; spirit; the core [heart]((of the matter)); the center;
    truth; reality; veritable; genuine; ...
    Ching; the Ching Dynasty.

    an art; a technique; a way; a means; an artifice; a trick; magic; witchcraft; practice magic.

    One word of caution. The introduction kanji is mainly the first word on the list. Those that follow after it are compounded with other kanji and hiragana. Hence, I would not say the practice is involved in the occult.

    All these are found in Kenkyusha's "New Collegiate Japanese-English Dictionary, 3rd ed." 1983. Don't know where it is printed since the introduction is entirely in Japanese.

    If I find anything else on it, I'll let you know. I am certain my wife never practiced it while in Japan. Her oldest brother only practices karate. So I have never encountered it.

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    Diana C. Rhoads


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