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    Not sure which...

    Watching CBS this morning my beloved and I watched a YouTube phenomenon "The Piano Guys."

    And my heart sank as I watched only to discover they are devout Mormons. Along with this and the number of Mormons involved with Dancing With the Stars (a favorite of ours) I felt grief not only for these Mormons, but also for the impressionable public who do not see cults and false religions for what they truly are.

    And my thoughts turn to the brainchild, ministry / mission of the late great Dr. Walter Martin... the Christian Research Ins***ute... and my lamentations of grief are rekindled... the loss of outreach to the public and to those in cults and false religions is catastrophic even cataclysmic.

    All to be cashed in on and to bolster the ego of one HHH... rarely have such satanic plans been so successful.

    Martin was building a ministry which he intended to outlive him. Not as a legacy, but as "the handmaiden" to evangelism and to the sound doctrines of the Church.

    All the things he worked for to outlive him and his memory (for they were sorely needed in the Body Christian) were cast away (firings of personnel hand picked by Walter) or locked away in vaults to protect and promote the ego of HHH. All at great cost to the Kingdom.

    I know we are all in for a great shock the things we are going to be accountable for (the loss of salvation not even on the table for discussion here)... but some more than others. Nothing is more important than the Kingdom of God.

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    When the Apostle Paul died Im sure a lot of people felt that the church had just suffered a great loss.

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