For the last 2 years my wife and I have been going through one crisis after another. Some of you have been praying for us and it has been helping your prayers have been answered.

We got way behind when I ventured out into the private sector (for reasons I have explained here) and the economy hammered us from the very start. It is not enough that we are in vast company these days (financial dire straights)... our downhill slide began as I said about 2 years ago. I recently got back on with the government and fully intended to get caught up as we get back on our feet... and the repo man knocked on our door this evening.

Getting back on our feet has meant moving from California to this State (to get the ***) which drained the finances to zero. We need prayer. We need a car. I am scouring the internet for dealers who will help us... but we need a miracle and a miracle to dig us out of this hole.

Please help us, at least pray for us. That we can continue with our household and whatever the Lord has in store for us to do to serve him!

Thank you!