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Thread: Calling evolution "theistic" dosen't make it true.

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    I still have not seen anyone post a Bible verse that teaches the 7th day of Genesis is over....

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    to review the story of Jonah-

    Jonah is on a ship.
    There is a great storm.
    The crew is scared, and they think they are all going to die.
    They decide to draw lots to see who is at fault for the storm?

    (Now Im not sure what it means to "draw-lot" but lets just say they draw straws.)

    So lets say there were 10 people that were drawing straws.
    What is the "chance" any of the people have of drawing the short straw?......answer, 1 out of 10 correct?

    I think we all can see how each of the people on the ship in the storm had a 1out of 10 chance of drawing the short straw.
    Thats the facts....thats science...

    thats how men of science look at the world...they see the "chance" is not just dumb-luck, but rather it comes down to the laws or probability.
    Nothing about drawing straws is magic....

    Just as nothing about the science of the study of Evolution is magic.
    There are rules that govern the outcomes in drawing straws just as there are tons and tons of rules that govern evolution... the student of the Bible...."WE".....we get to know a little bit information that the man of science does not get.

    and that makes all the difference in both how we read and understand the story of Jonah, and in our study of evolution.

    what do we know?
    We know that God was in the drawing of the straws....and because god was in control, there was a 100% "chance' that Jonah would pick the short straw.

    We know this.....

    We know that god did not just leave this up to random luck....

    We know that when Jonah picked the short straw it was all part of god's eternal plan that was set in stone and fixed before the universe was created.

    Nothing was left to chance.

    But at the same time...if a man of science were watching the men on the ship draw straws, he would have seen no giant hand reaching down out of the sky to control the straws.
    To the man of science observing, there would have been no sign at all that god did any controlling of the outcome in any way! can have something that looks to be total dumb luck....and at the same time have God in full control.
    Both things are totally true....and do not contradict each other at all...

    So the life in the universe can be here via evolution.....and God can be in full control.

    and both ideas are totally 100% true....

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    What all this means is that the people that try to say that the Bible is against evolution are wrong.

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