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Thread: Is any of this true?

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    Default Is any of this true?

    A Mormon on wrote this about Dr. Martin:

    Walter Martin claimed, in the CRI newsletter, 2nd Qtr 1977, Vol 1, #2, pg. 3, to have received degrees from Stony Brook School, Alelphi University, New York University, Biblical Seminary, and California Western University (which later changed it’s name to “California Coast University”).

    Stony Brook School is a high school/college prep school, which does not issue college diplomas or degrees of any kind. Martin lied about receiving a degree from this ins***ution, as is evidenced by a letter from that ins***ution dated Sept 10, 1981, signed by James A. Adare, Director of Development.

    Martin lied about receiving a degree from Adelphi University, when in truth he attended only 4 months as an undergrad, as is evidenced by a letter from Adelphi Univ. dated Dec 1, 1981, signed by Geraldine B. Cosgrove, Supv. Transcripts and Certification.

    Martin finally earned a B.A. from Shelton College, an UNACCREDITED school. He used the then-existing practice of New York University to accept credits from unaccredited schools to transfer to NYU, and subsequently earned his M.A. there in 1956. NYU does NOT accept credits from any non-accredited schools now. NYU explained this rather odd policy, and reiterates the fact that Shelton College was non-accredited in a letter dated Jan 26, 1984, signed by Helen Harrod, Admin. ***t, Office of Graduate Studies.

    As a curious side-note to his M.A., Martin lied under oath in a court deposition about doing a Master’s Thesis for his M.A. at NYU, claiming that it was completed in 1956. Martin later admitted on the BAM that he had not done a Master’s Thesis at all. NYU confirmed, in a letter dated Sept 22, 1982 that the course of study that Martin was involved in did not require a thesis.

    Martin claims his third degree from “Biblical Seminary”, now known as the “New York Theological Seminary”. The truth is that he registered for some summer courses from this school within a month after receiving his M.A. from NYU. He lied about receiving a degree from this ins***ution.

    The most ****ing evidence of Martin’s fraud comes from his claim to having received a “Ph.D.” in “Comparative Religion” from California Coast University in Santa Ana, CA.

    Martin lied about receiving a degree from “Biblical Seminary”, (now known as “New York Theological Seminary”), when in truth he bought a mail-order “Ph.D.” from an unaccredited mail-order diploma mill. Even though Martin claims not to have received this “Ph.D” until 1977, he repeatedly, fraudulently, referred to himself as “Dr.” Walter Martin on a number of documented occasions.

    So, what of “California Coast University”??? The California Dept. of Education identifies it as an “unaccredited degree-granting.. correspondence school” in a letter dated Dec 3, 1981 and signed by R. D. Welty, Office of Private Postsecondary Education, State of California Department of Education.

    Yet, Martin lies yet again about CCU’s status in the BAM broadcast of 2/16/85, wherein he states, “It isn’t a correspondence school at all, and it is accredited in the State of California”....

    Bear’s CURRENT work is called “College Degrees by Mail 1998”, by 10-Speed Press in Berkeley, CA. It lists 100 schools that the esteemed Dr. Bear considers to be valid non-traditional educational alternatives. Is CCU in that list? No. It is listed in an appendix ***led “69 (schools ) that are not included in this work”, because, says Bear, they “do not offer relevant degree programs”, and are “terrible places that you don’t want to deal with..”

    I hope it is okay to link to another forum.

    I was wondering if it is true, or not. I do know CCU is accredited in California. Thank you.

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    from just a short GOOGLE search -

    Some opponents have made claims that Martin did not have a valid doctorate. Mr and Mrs Robert Brown of Arizona, two Latter-Day Saints, have stated that California Western University, now known as California Coast University (CCU) was not accredited at the time the degree was awarded.[54] In addition some opponents of Martin claim he purchased his doctorate from CCU, which they claim was a degree mill.[55] It must be noted that Martin completed all the coursework at New York University, which is also an accredited school. Furthermore, California Coast University also offers fully accredited programmes,[56] being accredited by the State of California since 1974.[57] Such approval is currently granted by the California Bureau for Private Postsecondary Education.[58] It, however, received national accreditation only in 2005, from the Distance Education and Training Council (DETC).[59] It obtained this status after a study by the US General Accounting Office (GAO), which sought to provide national accreditation to schools that offered high quality education, which concluded that CCU was never a diploma mill and never committed wrongdoing.[ "

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    Not that I am giving any credibility to those who bring this up... but as lost souls who believe in a false cult and if they do not change their faith to that in the genuine Jesus Christ will continue on to hell with all unbelievers in Jesus Christ... they have a lot bigger things to worry about than this feeble attack on the late great Walter Martin who repeatedly exposed their false belief system as a cult NOT to beat up on them but to try to win them over to Christ from that evil system.

    Their tactics of subterfuge to try to hide the fact they cannot defend against the truth Martin showed them time and time again (and after his death in his books and recordings) speak of desperation on the part of those blindly following untruth.

    They are to be pitied.

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