In their hurry to protest immigration policies Liberals and others seem to have forgotten that there is a difference between legal and illegal immigration. Legal immigrants follow the rules, the illegal ones try to find some way around following the rules. But the Liberals have been altering Godís standards of right and wrong, morality and immorality, good and evil for so long they have lost sight of what is actually right, wrong, good, evil moral and immoral. Their opposition to deporting those who have skirted the rules also show that they have no respect for those immigrants who have successfully obeyed the regulations governing their move from their home country to America.

Why have rules if some of the American people toss them our for whatever reason they have? It is not fair to make some people follow the rules and others get a free p***, it is also not just. Now mercy can be applied to this issue, that is not the problem but mercy needs to be wielded wisely so that those who do follow all the rules do not get resentful or end up not caring about any other rule and so on. Mercy is not a blanket policy. Forgiveness can be applied here but only if the illegal immigrants are truly sorry for their violating the rules of the land they entered but forgiveness does not necessarily mean they will not be deported for their crime.

Love can also be applicable but love is not blind nor does it avoid discipline for violators of the rules. Spare the rod spoil the child, love disciplines correctly even immigrants. The Liberals need to learn that they must uphold the laws of their land if they want a safe and secure society. They cannot change the rules just to because they want to or because someone has stayed so long in the country and had a family. The rules must be applied equally to all and they must remember all those who obeyed the laws when the successfully immigrated. To do otherwise is wrong.