RPG's are role playing games. (Or Rocket Prepelled Grenades)
I think that many people don't understand that RPGs are not always Satanic and spiritualistic. These days they tend to be more so, however.

Games like Kult, World of Darkness, and others center around themes of witchcraft and evil spirits.

What I don't understand, is why do people care about different types of games such as the Final Fantasy Series? Prior to Final Fantasy VII, there was little to moderate amount of actual occult material presented, and I always overlooked it when I was young.

At such an impressionable age, when I should have been sucked in by evil spirits, I was instead a normal child despite being in constant contact with such bric a brac as Dragon Warrior, Final Fantasy, Legend of Zelda, etcetera.

So my final question is, why is it that Role Playing Games and magical video games with fairy tale elements are put into the same category as Ouija boards?