I found a Christian movie review of a recent horror flick involving ghosts. The majority of the review really isn't about the movie, it is about having a Biblical conception of ghostly/paranormal/spiritist phenomena.

I'd be interested in getting some feedback on what others think of this article.


The Campbell family thinks that their world is nearly falling apart when their teenage son is diagnosed with cancer. What with the emotional impact, the financial strain, the attendant sorrow and strain on the marriage, and the fact that Dad is a recovering alcoholic, they can't imagine things can get any worse.

To facilitate the cancer-stricken Campbell's treatment, the family rents a second home closer to the cancer hospital where he receives his radiation and/or chemotherapy. The house is suspiciously cheap. This is your first clue something is up - sorta like hearing anybody on the Scooby Doo cartoon say, "Let's split up! Shaggy and Scoob, you go THAT way, and we'll go THIS way!"

The house not only once was a mortuary, but was owned by a mortician who loved to conduct both seances and experiments with the dead which he thought would intensify the effectiveness of his paranormal work.

And by the time the Campbells arrive, let's just say things have gotten out of hand.

I confess to being jaded by horror flicks. I remember the first Jason Vorhees movie and saw the first Freddie Krueger movie in theaters. I grew up watching late-night horror movie marathons on Friday nights when I was a kid in rural North Carolina, and continued with watching Joe Bob Briggs' Monster Vision as an adult. I've seen it all, and when it comes to horror movies, done it all. I used to put in a copy of The Exorcist to watch as I was going to sleep. It calmed me....


It's a lengthy article viewable at Christian Media Reviews.