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Let me say this again to be very clear...

All who do "Bible math" fail....

Oh they think they have the secret to understanding the 666 number, of the 70 weeks verse...but in the end, they FAIL

Mostly what you find is that the guy doing all the Bible math has a thing against the Jews, or the Catholics, or Obama, or Henry Kissinger and he works the numbers so that end up pointing to the Jews or Catholics as being the beast, or the false Christ predicted by the Bible.


The Bible math is not a failure. the wisdom is to clue us in on Solomon builder of the first temple destroyed on Tisha b'Av 586 BCE and the second destroyed on Tisha b'Av 70CE on the Hebrew calendar 666 years apart to the day.

How is that a failure?

And about setting dates... I have not set one. I am showing how the Bible will in studies about Daniel 12:11-12 but that it will not be clear to humanity until the 70th Week of Daniel is half over when the rebuilt temple sacrifices will be abated.

Jesus said we are to understand the times and the seasons even if we cannot know the dates.